About Farm Fresh Garage

About Farm Fresh Garage

Makin’ and Breakin’ Trucks

Farm-Fresh Speed Shop was a business grown from a hobby and true passion for the retro American world that oozes the smell of the uneconomical gas guzzling v8 engines and loud neighbour annoying power houses that are know as muscle cars, rat rods, hot rods or yank classics.

The company was started in 1976 by Darren Smart in Rayleigh and evolved quickly into the business it is today. Darren’s passion for America has taken him to move from the UK and live his long term dream of becoming a true Texan. Darren now runs Southwest Classics and So-Dal Speed Shop in Texas and can be contacted vis the So-Dal Facebook page.

In May 2018 Farm-Fresh was purchased by Dave Gilder and with a revamped team we are working on getting the company back on track and to grow our sales, parts, and online presence. We are aiming to create an online community along with an community of hardened muscle car, hot rod, rat rod and Harley fans that become part of the Farm-Fresh family.

Farm-Fresh Garage is the true home of American Muscle Cars in the UK. Based in Essex, we sell cars and parts nationally throughout the United Kingdom. We aim to offer not only a great parts and sales outlet site but we also repair damaged vehicles, service and maintain vehicles, restore vehicles and import them. We stock the largest Chevy Truck parts supplies in the UK and are growing this daily. We have a new flow of vehicles and parts coming through from the USA for restoration and supplies for creating some awesome rides the farm-fresh way. We can work with you to ‘farmfresherise’ your truck in the special way we do this…

If you have any requirements for the products or services that Farm Fresh Garage offer that you see on this website please contact us for a dedicated quote or advice.

We can source vehicles nationally and from America via out USA sister companies so if you have a request for a vehicle but you do not see it on the site, then please let us know so we can try and find you one.

Do we work with the trade?
Yes, we are happy to work with you on tight deadlines, repair work, importing, delivery and pdi check. Get in touch to see how we can assist your business.

Give Farm Fresh Garage a shout for any advice…

The Farm Fresh Garage Foundation

Working to support Little Havens Hospices

Making Every Day Count

A Little about Little Havens Hospice

You’ll find Little Havens Hospice in beautiful meadowland slightly set back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Thundersley, just outside of Rayleigh in Essex. It is a relaxing and tranquil place that makes you instantly feel welcome and safe. 

Whether they look after a child or young person for years, months, weeks or even just a few hours, the care and attention they provide makes a sincere difference to their life and their families. All staff focus solely on the individual needs of each child, cared for at the Hospice.  ‘Making every day count’ for those with life-limiting or life-threatening illnesses and their families.  

Who do they help?

If a family have a child or young person who has a life-limiting or life-threatening condition, Little Havens Hospice can help. They are there to make the journey as comfortable as possible, by offering planned respite stays, managing symptoms, for example controlling pain and adjusting medications and caring for children at the end of their lives. There is also a huge element of ensuring that these children feel as though they are missing out on as little as possible in life and they provide everyday fun activities such as soft play & arts and crafts. As well as educational exercises like reading areas. The bedrooms are decorated with each age group in mind and are equipped with care relevant bathrooms to meet the needs of these young people. 

“We look after the whole family”  

Little Havens Hospice care for children and young people up to the age of 19, and their families, from Essex and the surrounding London Boroughs. If a young person is referred for respite and is over 16 years of age they will consider whether another respite provider may be more suitable, this does not affect end of life and bereavement care.

They use a specific set of criteria to assess whether the care provided at Little Havens is suitable for your child, based on their needs.  Working closely with the professionals already involved in the care of the child. A referral too Little Havens doesn’t mean that any treatment the child may be having will stop.

“At Little Havens, we look after the whole family which may include emotional or educational support for the child’s siblings, counselling for parents, grandparents and carers or assistance with social issues.”

To talk to a member of our Little Havens Care Team call  01702 552200
Visit here to read more – www.havenshospices.org.uk

What Farm Fresh are doing? 

We are aiming to donate regularly to the charity this year and build some awareness about them within our community. We will be holding various events & competitions throughout the year, car meets, drive outs and selling food and drinks with all profit going to the charity. donation tins and buckets are also placed in our showroom and we will be holding some auctions of parts and accessories too. ultimately aiming to build a pot of donations that make a small difference. You also never know, we may get the Little Havens mascot along to some events..

Roxy from our management team has spent some time at Little Havens Hospice with the team finding out more about what they do and the amazing services they provide. Meeting some of he children, which was a special moment and she has dedicated her time into setting up these events throughout the year and has brought the whole FFG team on board to also help and support the charity. 

We are also running a Just Giving page dedicated to this one charity where you are able to make quick, easy donations throughout the year. small or large it all matters and is appreciated all round. If you wish to donate online direct to this amazing cause then you can visit here by clicking the following link below. Little Havens Hospice – Just Giving Page  

JustGiving - Sponsor me now! 

Thank you so much for your interest and support,

David & Roxy


£2000 Donation Target for 2019

The Team



Owner & Enthusiast

David has a real passion for all Classic cars however his real love is American Classics and most fondly trucks. His favourite truck is the 1959 Apache as a slammed Rat Rod. David has been in the motor trade since 1997 and always had classics as his hobby.




Events & Marketing Manager & Enthusiast

Roxanne is new to the motor trade however has experience in events and management and has taken on the task of organising 2019 events with passion and enthusiasm. Her ideal classic vehicle is a Studebaker Pickup truck however she used the Buick Centry for a while and has a real soft spot for how nice it drove. 




American Custom Vehicle Specialist & Enthusiast

Although Alan is new to Farm Fresh his work on classic cars has a long history. He came from a VW resto company and now is making his mark on the Classic American scene. He has a love of trucks and has recently bought a GMC truck. His ideal vehicle would be a Chevy C10. 



American Custom Vehicle Specialist & Enthusiast

Albert is an old soul in a young body! His love for all Vintage Americana, Rockabilly, American Classic vehicles oozes from his pours… Covered in tats, slick hair and cruising about in his 1954 Ford Custom Line he is well known and always loved by many in the scene…



American Truck Parts Guru

Ethan, our parts guru… he is a euro boy at heart but found a new passion in the American Trucks we put out… He currently drives a BMW but is never too far from an air cooled dub… in fact the hardest thing he had to pick up working at farm fresh was to find out out what a radiator did… Grab Ethan and use his parts skills on ethan@farm-fresh.co.uk