Hi both,
Firstly, thank you Roxy for dropping by to say hello,  it was really  nice to finally meet you and thank you personally for the way you dealt with my initial enquiry.
Yesterday was fantastic, the truck of course looked awesome but the extra mile you went to ensure I had a useable spare wheel is much appreciated, I really didn’t expect to have a new wheel tyre and hub cap, thank you.
The drive home will be an everlasting memory,  the number of drivers deliberately slowing down for me to pass was amazing. When I got to park at the local retail park it took at least 10 minutes to walk 10 yards to Halfords for people stopping me to talk about the truck.
Saturday night was just as cool, took Chelle to a Xmas Masquerade Ball in the truck and her girlfriends where begging to be the 2nd passenger in the truck!
So all in all a great  day.
Thank you Farm Fresh Garage for what surely must be one of the best trucks out there, you’re the Best!