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The Chat today is all about the Mustang II IFS kit

One of the most popular upgrades for the Classic American Truck is the Mustang II front IFS upgrade. This kit is the perfect solution to upgrading your chassis, brakes and suspension all in one hit. The Mustang 2 is a comprehensive Kit that comes with the following – X-Member, Steering Rack, Upper and Lower Control Arms, Spindles, Rotors, Callipers, brake pipes, shock absorbers, and springs. With the kit you have a few options:

  • Power or Manual Rack
  • Standard or Drop Spindles
  • Wheel PCB – Small Chevy is 5 x 4.75
  • Steel Springs or Upgrade to Air possible
Additional upgrades available:
  • Air Springs Upgrade Kit (Includes different lower arms, bags and mounts).
  • Wilwood Calipers
Other Items you are likely to need.
  • Brake Booster Set Up
    • Brake booster firewall mount
    • 1/4 brake pipe
    • 3/16 brake pipe
    • Brake pipe fittings for proportion valve
    • Brake pedal pad
  • Steering column
  • Floor mount for column
  • Dash drop for column
  • Steering uj’s x3
  • Dd steering shaft nickel plated x2
  • Support bearing
  • Shifter linkage
  • Gas pedal
  • Gas pedal cable
  • Bracket for cable mounts on carb
  • If you opt for Power steering you will need:
    • Pump
    • Brackets
    • Pipes
    • Pulley
Please don’t forget to check the measurement of your wheels so that they will fit onto the mustang 2 spindles or you may have to consider using spacer adaptors which would then have the effect of pushing the wheel outwards and possibly giving clearance issues.
Click here for all the required Mustang 2 Parts