Classic American March Edition – With Farm Fresh Garage 2020

Its alway nice to see your business in a magazine – So its even more exciting to be in the best American Magazine in the UK “Classic American Magazine” shouting about an unbelievable build that we have completed and our workshop that we love so very much….

When the Stude came to Farm Fresh it was before I took over, it sat around for a long time with people looking at it but not buying it or commissioning a build. After we had completed it we took it to the NSRA Old Warden show. At this event we have many people say that either they were going to buy it and didn’t but wished that they did or people asking to buy it there and then. Unfortunately for them at this point it was already sold to Matt.

In 2016 the truck was taken to the southern swap meet on the back of a truck to sell and the team from Classic American took photos and added the label “More peppered than patina” to the picture. And here we are, a few years later and a few inches lower, and this amazing truck has commanded its overdue respect. We delivered the truck to Matt in October 2019 and he has been enjoying it since. He even said he has had offers on it too…

None of this would be possible without my team of merry men… and Roxy! Dave, Alan and Paul all worked so hard and to a phenomenal level of skill on this and all our builds… and long may that continue… 

It’s funny to see the difference around here at the garage, even since these photos were taken last September.  It looks like a completely different place already… We have changed so much in the name of improvement. From the paint on the floor to the signage on the walls and also the people we work with stateside… This is all in the name of improving our business for you!!!

I’d like to thank Ben from Classic American Magazine for his ongoing support, Matt the photographer for these epic shots and Keith the Copywriter for listening to me waffle and making it all sound good. Thank you all.

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