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We make AWSOME classics for EVERYDAY usage!

Modern Classic Trucks…

Everyday Trucks built for Everyman!

We can build you a hard core hotrod, or a fast and furious streetrod, or a rusty looking ratrod. We can and we do build these daily… However what we also do (and do really well) is build everyday trucks that you can jump in, start cruise and enjoy with no stress… Lots of people want to live the dream of the american truck ownership but don’t appreciate (nor do they want to) the fact that they are 70 year old farm trucks… No heating, poor steering, poor brakes, leaking door rubbers, and driving pretty badly. It’s often the case that these vehicles are second vehicles that will be used occasionally and bought to be the “Fun” vehicle of the 2. However truth being told, once you jump from your 2016 VW golf into the 1950 Chevy truck the difference is unbearable. Yes at first it’ll be fun, and for sure it’ll put a smile on your face however the thought of driving it from Essex to Cornwall for a holiday will make you think twice. So this is where we come in – at Farm Fresh we build these classic trucks into modern day classics. Classics that still put a smile on your face but also do 80mph, and pick up FM radio – Classics that start on the button as do they stop!

With tried and tested methods we can supply you a classic truck that could replace your VW and excites you to drive and encourages you to pop to the south of France in it… All of this is perfectly acceptable with a Farm Fresh Built Truck.

We cant tell – but we can show you…

We are confident that you can drive any truck available on ebay and then drive a Farm Fresh build and you will be able to tell the difference. This has been proven to us many times and could be proven to you too… We have a way of doing what we do… yes others carry out truck restorations but there are no other truck only specialists in the UK which means we have found the best way and also the most efficient way of having your truck built for everyday usage. The Farm Fresh way will allow you to own a truck that doesn’t depreciate hugely in value, and also a truck thats been built the right way, the way that will allow you to drive it at will and get the best bang for your buck… smiles for miles!