Another New Website…

So with all the changes of 2018 that the new owners of Farm Fresh have made, the website was not to the standard we wished for. So we have started again. Those of you who have built their own website you will appreciate the time it takes and we have done it twice this year – ouch! In May 2018 we decided to go for a new website for FFG, this time consuming project was hit with full force including taking photos of each and every product we have on offer. By September 2018 we realised this site was not to the required standard we needed and had faults within so we decided to start again with another website company who were much more professional and keen to get the right project in place. Now, December 2018 we finally have the website that works correctly and does what we need it to do.

The all new Farm Fresh website will be informative, fun, updated often, and useful. We will have a shop available for you to ponder and see stock availability along with product info and photos. Ordering online will be an easy option for you with improved prices and delivery costs compared to out old system,.

We hope that you enjoy the new site and it helps you enjoy the ordering process for your hobby and passion along with enjoying the community side of our business.