Farm Fresh Merch

Become a part of the Farm Fresh Garage Brand today…

Welcome to Here you can kit yourself out with some epic Farm Fresh Garage Merchandise. We are currently offering clothing such as, screen printed t-shirts and hooded jumpers. Digitally printed rear window stickers, embroidered badges and Chevrolet/Ford vintage beverage coolers. Our products are available in different sizes, colours, and furthermore, a vast mixture of designs. Because we design in house we are lucky enough to provide a varied range of styles. Therefore, we hope to have something for everyone, so please enjoy browsing our site.

Throughout 2020, our Farm Fresh Garage merchandise range will expand greatly.  Venturing into hats/caps, mugs, pens, and more. They will all be available to purchase via our Essex stores, at classic shows and events across the UK and here online. Keep your eyes open as they are coming real soon… Happy shopping Farm Freshers.