Refined with age...

Stunning Retro Styling

Improving 80 years of wear…

This truck was so good to start with but just needed perfecting. The last owner liked it raw, no carpet, sound deadening, bed wood (was rotten beyond repair) and it was rough. We basically striped the vehicle down to its bones and rebuilt in style. Painting the parts on the way back in, adding lots of quality chrome and making it smooth while keeping the styling. 

The engine was removed, cleaned, painted, and prettied up with a quality engine dress up kit. The chassis was cleaned, and printed in a top quality chassis paint. the bulk head was repaired, and repainted. The brakes were replaced for new, the cooling system was improved. Then we fitted a new wiring loom, fitted sound deadening, and a new carpet. Then we finished it off with a new seat cover… 

This is my favourite truck we have worked on so far… They just keep getting better…. 

Specification of works

  • Total Strip Down
  • Clean & Paint Chassis
  • Clean & Paint Engine
  • Engine Dress Up
  • New Carpet & Seat Cover
  • New Wiring Loom propecia prix
  • New Bed Wood
  • Rebuild


Job Completion Status