1954 Chevy 3100 Pick Up

HIGH 5 Chevy 3100 

1954 Chevy Truck High 5

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Status: Ready

Vehicle Summary

Year of Manufacture: 1954

Manufacturer: Chevrolet 

Transmission: TH350 – Automatic

Petrol Type: Petrol – V8 SBC

Vehicle Type: Pickup Truck 3100

1954 Chevy Truck 3100 for Sale

Great Patina and a great opportunity for an awesome truck build! This truck was owned by a local chap who bought it off the Old Farm Fresh years ago – it was striped down with minimal work carried out and then the love was lost…

When we collected it, it came with a new floor pan and was striped down.. however all the ingredients are there to make an impeccable truck…

The 54 truck has Camaro front clip, along with the right 5 stud rear axel – There is no real rot within the truck except the floor that is to be replaced in full with a whole new floor panel.

11th September 2019 – The truck is nearing completion. High Five is the affectionate name we have given this classic 54 truck due to the retro funky high 5 lights it has on the roof line that are in perfect working order. This 1954 Chevy 3100 truck has had a full restoration (see below list of new items) and has been modernised to ensure a seriously user friendly truck. This is a real sleeper, looking patina top with a modern interior and more importantly the heart beat of a 5.7 lt Chevy V8 under the hood…

So whats new… well pretty much everything. Wheels, tyres, brakes, brake lines and pipes, steering column, UJ’s steering column, EZ wiring loom, prop shaft, carpet, new seat covering, headliner, new glass and rubbers including new windscreen, window felts, door handles and trims, light switches, Dakota dash cluster, wiper motor conversion, wiper blades and arms, wing mirrors, and emblems, ali radiator, and horns. The cab has had an all new floor installed with ZERO rust now and the interior is finished in a nice bright white. The bed has new bed wood fitted with new stainless strips and bolts, finished with yacht wood quality varnish… its truly unreal!

The engine is a small block chevy thats been rebuilt, and furnished with an all new chrome dress up kit. New alternator, water pump, carb mean you wont have any problems for a long time with this all new set up! Married up to a TH350 Auto transmission that is smooth as silk with the all new linkage in place. Finished off with a custom made exhaust system that sounds wicked.. what else do you want!

Anyone in the market for a great truck would be mad not to consider this beaut as an option…


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