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1968 Ford Mustang For Sale

Price – Sold

Status: For Sale

Vehicle Summary

Year of Manufacture: 1968

Manufacturer: Ford Mustang

Transmission: Automatic

Petrol Type: 351 Windsor

Vehicle Type: Coupe

67 Mustang Coupe

Recently imported from Dennis Collins from Fast’n’Loud this is one nice Mustang – with new carpets fitted by Farm Fresh to complete the almost perfect interior this Mustang has all the right ingredient to make one hell of a Mustang… Just needs paint, wheels and donuts… The paint is sun blistered, a fresh paint job would make this car. The Wheels, in our opinion need a new set – even though we have fitted all new tyres. The donuts, just because you can…

In need of a paint job this Mustang is currently blistered paint meaning its had a life in the sun, this is perfect as it means that the metal is solid and NOT rusty… With the galvanised underside it’s a solid vehicle and well worth a paint job. We have yet to have this painted as we would like to offer it as a bargain vehicle however we will be painting very soon and the price will reflect this… Painted this car will be £20k so have the options and save yourself some dollars…!

The 351 Windsor motor is good, running a mild cam it starts and runs perfectly. Starts first time every time… 


Current Job Status

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