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Modern Drivability with Mustang 2 IFS

Owning a 1951 truck has both amazing experiences and some experiences that are not that pleasant. Mostly speaking of the ride steering and brakes. Luckily for you classic truck owners you have us here to upgrade and improve your standard set up.

We highly recommend the Mustang II Independent Front Suspension set up. This is welded into place while keeping your original cross member in its original place untouched. We add the whole front suspension in a upgraded version with springs/air bags that perform well in today road environment while also improving both steering and braking at the same time.

For those who require their truck to have a lower stance then we can lower your truck at the same time using the drop spindle option.
The standard kit will also supply you with a power steering rack and the much improved disc brakes and callipers.

For this client we have also replaced the firewall with a newly manufactured in house option for a nice clean strong option. This also works well along side his new steering column which is also an great addition to the new steering of the vehicle.

As for the back of the vehicle we have welded into place a brand new 4 link system that improves the handling and stance of the vehicle.

This package is 100% the correct way to go we recommend you wont have a better cost effective option.

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Specification of works

  • Notched Rear Chassis
  • Lowered springs
  • Improved Shocks
  • New Forever Sharpe Steering Wheel
  • 20 Inch Detroit Steel Wheels


Job Completion Status