The Perfect Patina Apache

 Built The Right Way…

1959 Chevy Apache Stepside – Truck Perfection

FFG Promo Vehicle

Status: In Build

Vehicle Summary

Year of Manufacture: 1959

Manufacturer: Chevrolet

Transmission: Automatic

Petrol Type: LS3 6.0Lt

Vehicle Type: Pickup Truck

The Holy Grail of Patina in the Ideal Truck

Here we have a rare find – nowadays an apache in this condition with the patina as perfect as this are hard to find. This one however fits all the requirements, with only one area that needs attention… Once we have repairs the driver side door at the bottom we will work on perfecting this vehicle and modernising it beyond the standard.

We will be using this vehicle for 2020 show season and promotions and is not for sale… Stay tuned on the progress and make sure you come and see us at the 2020 shows we will be attending.


Current Job Status

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