The Perfect Patina Apache

 Built The Right Way…

1959 Chevy Apache Stepside – Truck Perfection

FFG Vehicle

Status: In Build

Vehicle Summary

Year of Manufacture: 1959

Manufacturer: Chevrolet

Transmission: Automatic

Petrol Type: LS3 6.0Lt

Vehicle Type: Pickup Truck

The Holy Grail of Patina in the Ideal Truck

Here at Farm Fresh Garage we specialise in American trucks from 1940’s to 1959… While we work on these trucks daily and yes we kinda love them all, and in seeing the good the bad and the ugly in these trucks we do tend to have a secret favourite. For me personally this is the 1959 Apache, so in my hunt for a wicked truck i found myself this… so welcome to my 1959 Chevy Apache Stepside bad boi truck…

Nowadays an apache in this condition with the patina as perfect as this are hard to find. This one however fits all the requirementsIn and in the name of doing this truck the best way possible, we will be fitting it up with the best we can… LS3 Supercharged engine, air ride, auto and all the trick Farm Fresh touches.

Stay tuned on the progress and make sure you come and see us at the next show we will be attending.


Current Job Status

March 2020 – Operation strip down, plenty of striping and sand blasting and repainting… making quality oooze and behind the panels are all protected beyond requirements but offering the best possible quality…

April 2020 – Every nut and bolt is being replaced for a new stainless option. The underside and inside of every nook and cranny is being cleaned and painted for protection. Not the usual stone chop is being used on this – we are using a colour coded bed paint that is super strong and durable. It’s for long term protection. We are making this truck usable in an every day scenario, protecting if for longevity and seriously clean for quality.

The SEAT – Covered with Yarwood Leather and trimmed by Terry at Concept Interiors and designed by David of Farm Fresh we are very impressed with the final seat.

The Axel – 2.41 Ratio fitted with a Universal Ride Tech 4-link



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