Custom COE V8 Beast...

Custom Build on Air with 350 V8 SBC

Chevy Cab Over Engine Build – COE 

Laurie owned this COE for a few years as a project vehicle and decided to have it fully restored 2016 into a working vehicle that he and his son Jenson can use for shows and burn outs. The truck has been sent to several fabricators around the UK to have the work carried out but never completed to a running vehicle. 

In May 2018 he came to us and asked for help and assistance to get it running so he could use it… We undertook the challenge and today we are seeing the truck running correctly for the first time in several years. 

The COE is running a brand new Small block Chevy V8 Crate engine which was supplied by Farm Fresh Garage along with many bespoke fabricated items. 

There are a few small jobs to be done on this including the replacement of the temporary bed however Laurie was so keen to drive the vehicle that this has been postponed for a while. 

All in all this was a great project that tested our skills and patience but has finally paid off with an awesome Chevy COE.

Specification of works

  • New Crate Short Block Chevy Engine
  • Ez Wiring Loom
  • Dynamat Installation
  • Custom Bed
  • Viair Air Ride Install
  • Chassis Painted


Job Completion Status