A Classic Style Farm Truck

Built to Work

Eco John’s Big Red…

Status: Awaiting Parts

Vehicle Summary

Year of Manufacture: 1954

Manufacturer: Chevrolet 

Transmission: TH350 – Automatic

Petrol Type: Petrol – V8 SBC

Vehicle Type: Pickup Truck 3100

Eco John’s Farm Truck

Not striving for perfection but aiming for a great farm truck to be used for farming work around Eco John’s Farm. John himself lives on a plot of land that is off grid, meaning he doesn’t use the amenities that are used everyday by the rest of us. He has a well for water supply, solar panels for electricity and on site food supplies via his garden. He has horses, dogs, chickens and even some alpacas. So the only thing missing is a good old fashioned farm truck that is now being prepared for him. John bought an early Chevy Truck and had brought it to Farm Fresh for some much needed chassis work and some restoration jobs to be carried out… 



Current Job Status

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