1951 Studebaker Pickup - Loud'N'Low

Bagged V8…

1951 Studebaker Pickup – Stance Perfection

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Vehicle Summary

Year of Manufacture: 1951

Manufacturer: Studebaker

Transmission: Auto TH350

Petrol Type: V8 SBC 350

Vehicle Type: Step Side Truck

Studebaker Pick up Truck – Hot rod legend!

This unbelievable Studebaker is verging on the edge of completion… With the crate engine in the hole, air ride tested many times and the final bits coming together nicely this is going to be an epic truck…

This truck was once looking like a lost cause, but with out skill, and vision we have created an unbelievable toy that looks radical, and craves attention… People will walk past supercars to see this beaut for sure! The new owner, Matthew is truly excited to be getting his hands on this custom made hotrod truck. Matthew lives by the sea so this Studebaker truck will enjoy its new life sunbathing and lugging around surfboards and checking out the surf chicks… or them checking it out I should say…

Viair air ride has complemented this customised chassis we have produced, with the rusty patina look on the outside this hustler will blow you away with the 5.7 ltr Chevy Small Block V8 under the hood and strutting its stuff wearing Detroit Steels for boots!

The custom interior will make home a pleasant place to be while cruising with the window open, the sound of the V8 serenading you with its own songs… Then you will pull up at the pub this lazy dog will squat nice and low with the air ride down and the pressure taken off…

From rags to riches this truck is one of our favourite builds to date…

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