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Improve, Replace, Upgrade – ENJOY!

Engine Replacements & Upgrades

Replacing Damaged Engines or Upgrading for FUN!

We can remove your damaged V8 SBC and replace for new or we can remove your standard inline 6 Chevy Engine and replace for a brand new SBC V8. Either way we have completed many of these jobs and can guarantee you drive off in a cloud of rubber burning smoke.. We stock 383 V8 Small Block Chevy Crate Engines which are pre run up and tuned power houses ready to install as a turn key unit along with the required dress up kits and drive kits. We offer a fitting service to ensure you don’t have the stress yourself – we can do the heavy lifting leaving you just to put the pedal to the metal…

Manual to Auto Transmission

The only way to drive American – Column Shift with Auto…

We all have different flavours and styles that we like to ride which is the beauty of the Truck scene however we also keep in mind the idyllic hotrod version of the perfect truck within the American dream… Generally it sits with V8 power and and Auto transmission – with a bench seat and column shift… all can be achieved no matter what you start with… Speak to us at Farm Freah about upgrading your transmission to one of our off the shelf TH350 boxes. Supplied and fitted here at Farm Fresh Garage you will be sure to be overjoyed with the upgrade…

Chassis Work, Notching & Zedding

Improving your Chassis with a Modern Set up.

To fit some the improved modern option you will need to consider come chassis mods. This could be as small as adding a Mustang 2 IFS kit or as major as zedding your chassis for a lower ride stance. Another option that you may consider when lowering your vehicle is notching the chassis – this is when we make a strengthened notch in your chassis to accept the axel when the vehicle is lowered to the max. Here at Farm Fresh Garage we can undertake any works that you require to make sure your chassis is up to the job you need. 

Front Clip – Mustang 2

Mustang II IFS is the best option available

We have seen all kinds of IFS upgrades over the years and we can firmly say that the Mustang 2 IFS kit is the best option available on the market today. We have worked with several stateside suppliers and we have found the best kit on the market available. The kit we stock will require professional level welding to install. We offer not only best quality professional welding but also the experience to ensure all work is carried out in the correct way to offer the best drivability for the final product.

4 Link Rear Suspension Install

Upgrading the way the axel works

Often when you upgrade your engine and drivetrain people have an oversight of the brakes and the rear axel set up. The original set up with leaf springs holds the rear axel into place firmly however in modernising the suspension you are likely to be adding air ride or coil overs in which case removal of the leaf springs is carried out and the consideration of the way the axel is held needs to be replaced. In come the triangulated 4 link system. We recommend welding into place in a triangulated layout and matched up with the new suspension. 

Power Assisted Steering Upgrade 

Every Modern Vehicle has power assisted steering – does yours? 

Even thought these are classics of many years old we have modern day processes / products that we add to these classic trucks to make them more user friendly and the drivability improved many fold. With every mustang 2 IFS kit that we sell we supply within the kit a power assisted steering rack all ready to take to the new hubs and ready to be plumbed in to a PAS pump and make driving an all round better experience. 

Brake Disc Conversion Upgrade

Stopping Fast – not just going fast…

An obviously upgrade to modernising your classic is improving the brakes as well as the engine… Within our Mustang 2 front clip (IFS) we supply front brake discs and callipers. You are likely to need a booster to ensure they work to the correct standard and we always recomend the fire wall mounted option. Although the fire wall mounted booster isnt as pretty it works so much better and non efficient brakes are not what we want… Speak to us about what we can supply and offer you to assist your modern stopping power… 

Air Ride Installation 

Improved drivability, comfort and style… why wouldn’t you?

In modernising your trucks suspension you have many options, springs, coil overs or Air ride. All do a great job & are a perfectly adequate option however for Rat Rod styling we always like to fit Air Ride – Air ride is a comfortable option that also works perfectly for show trucks, giving you the option to drop all the air out & slam the truck on the floor.   We supply the best in air ride options with safe and accurate kits that ooze style & character. With your wheels tucked up within the arches what better stance could be achieved. 

12v Wiring Loom Installation 

Eliminate potential problems with all new looms!

So much work can be done to the style and stance of your truck but there is something hidden within… your wiring loom – we also recommend a new loom if your truck is having modern bits added to it. Firstly if you r running a 6v system then you’ll need 12v to make some of the new modern things work like radios, air compressors, and cig lighters. However it is also a great idea to replace at time of strip down so that any potential hidden problems are eliminated and hopefully never arise in the first place saving you time, money and security… Think EZ Looms – the best in the market!

Exhaust Systems

Custom made, welded and shaped to perfection…

We can create you a whole new bespoke exhaust system that works with your axels, lowered stance and sound preference. We love the thrush Mufflers and have 2 options in stock, 1 the louder option of the Thrush Welded and 2 the quieter option of the thrust turbo. Both offer excellent value for money and can be matched up with our custom systems which will work for you in sound and appearance to keep in mind your stance as to not allow scraping and bottoming out when low…. Low and loud.. how we like em…! 

Wheel Upgrades

Style and finishing touches… dont miss out!

We see so many trucks that all the hard work has been done however the final bit is missing, the x factor of the look… Wheels…  Make sure you match the wheels to the stance before you make the truck.. its the main thing to perfect the final look…. Here at Farm Fresh we stock many different options and can assist you with advice and options that will work with your vehicle. Contact us for more info…