So we have had our first container in of 2020 and it was full to the brim of disappointment…. Now before i start my story, I fully understand that I am speaking from me and us.. I know this story is also for each and every one of our clients that had orders in place at this time too – to them people I publicly apologies and I hope this blog assists your understanding our position.

So firstly, the process… I need some parts, i speak to a stateside supplier and get a price & pay… I order and have sent to my warehouse in Texas. The guys there sign for the delivery and store it for my container… When Im ready I ask for the container to be sent to me and I pay for the container… 4 weeks later it arrives, We unload it and then disperse the parts to our shelves, our workshop and our clients. Sounds easy right… NOPE! So the problem is that I have limited control over this system. I have a man who manages this for us and he also deals with others UK based so he often has to juggle the container with other peoples deliveries and requirements but this causes us delays. This some times has its perks (as in deliveries sent quicker) and also some disadvantages (as in our parts await someone else).

The real problem we are suffering with is the lack of communication from that side of the pond… Now I have tried to speak to them and arrange some better communication and some faster deliveries however it’s not coming to fruition.

If you want a job done right…. do it yourself!

Our next steps are doing it ourselves… In Feb 2020 we are flying out there ourselves to our suppliers to organise exact collections, exact deliveries, and we will be taking the parcels to our container ourselves. Once it is in our container, we will shut the door ourselves and then fly home. At this point we will be adding a tracker to the container so we can monitor every step of the way…

What we can do for you…?

We will be running a “Communication” system. Any orders that we take we will be collecting in person, loading in person and we will send our clients communication at these stages. Then we will have a set date that we expect the delivery to the UK which we will communicate. The whole process is to allow us better control, and you the client better information on your delivery… We hope this appeals to you and that we can assist you in a better more improved system that allows you to spend on your american pride and joy!