David & Roxy have 4 amazing little boys who love life and enjoy all the little things in life like walks with the pooch, bike riding, and boys being boys they love to fight…

We are blessed with them and with the knowledge that our boys are all in amazing health. We understand how privileged we are with them just the way they are we are also very aware that there are many little angels in the world that are not so lucky. Although blessed in other ways, the challenges some children have, can result in a huge impact on their lives and their loved ones lives.

These situations as unfortunate as can be could benefit immensely from some external assistance from professional help. In step Havens Hospices, in particular – Little Havens Hospices.

Here at Farm Fresh Garage we are working on building our community within our scene and looking to grow the FFG family. With this in mind we are planning, shows, events, and meets over the year of 2019 all to meet, enjoy company and inspire and along this journey we will be collecting funds and working towards a yearly donation to Little Havens Hospice. We need you to assist us in this donation – Please help!.

Every penny will be collected and donate with unbelievable gratitude from all the staff at Farm Fresh Garage and we will keep you fully updated along the journey of 2019.

Thank you so much in advance and we cant wait to see you all and enjoy your company through out the year.

David & Roxy