Who knows….!

Well, we find ourselves in the land of the unknown… Firstly I would like to thank my staff here at Fram Fresh, uncertain times bring stress so I really do appreciate the togetherness you hold as individuals and as a team… I would also like to thank all that show us compassion and have wished us well to date. Who knows where this will take us all and where we will end up. For sure we have a positive attitude to lead us along with the hope of good things around the corner so it just leaves us the task to manage the here and now the best we can.

So, what are we doing… Well first off the safety of my staff are paramount to me. As of today we are staff down and running on skeleton staffing but this isn’t stopping us… We are still sending part deliveries out from HQ along with still placing orders with our stateside suppliers… Wether they get to us is yet fully unknown but the systems are currently working and we are yet to have a “Computer says no” scenario. So with that in mind we have several large deliveries planned to land with us next Friday 27th March. The garage staff are still working on trucks to try and keep and meet the current deadlines so hopefully not too much disruption there either.


Below I will do regular updates for ya’ll to know whats happening…

Friday – 3rd April – As we enter April we carry on with the “each day as it comes” attitude. The news states daily updates that leave us in mixed emotions, pleased that the momentum of this virus is slower than expected but yet still horrified of the pain, loss and suffering many are going through. The hot rod world was rocked today with the news of Accuair air ride specialists (USA) closing business for good. Im sure they wont be the only ones to close but we do hope that the team there have something positive around the corner… As for us here in the UK, it seems that parts are still flowing in and out. Ian our Parcleforce driver who collects from us is continuing to be supporting along with Gavin from UPS who help us out yesterday hugely, Thanks chaps. Our work shop is still closed as we have no staff in, and the boss is still tinkering out there to stay on top and in control of all jobs…. I am trying to get ourselves in a place of being organised so that when the staff return we can steam into jobs and get some real momentum. We think we need a huge trucking party when this is all over…..Well, stay safe and keep on trucking….

Monday – 23rd March – Well we are in today, we are trying to assist the people who are at home and want to work on their trucks at this time. We are operating a curb-side collection of parts along with online ordering. We have had confirmation this morning that our UK delivery company is still in action and running an efficient service. This means we can pick the part and send it to you OR you can come and collect HOWEVER we are urging you all to stay in doors… We hope to be able to assist you when you need it most. We have meetings tomorrow with staff and we have meetings this afternoon with our stateside suppliers so we are hoping to have some more good news later today. Ultimate goal is to stay healthy and isolated from others, second to that we can assist the mental stress of boredom by getting you some parts… We will do what we can to help! Keep on Trucking ya’ll!

Saturday 21st March – Excellent news so far – our US suppliers are all well. And they have committed to helping us out… Currently we have 2 large orders in with them and we was awaiting on tender hooks to get some tracking info so that we know its on the way – and over night last night i got the vital bit – 2 UPS tracking numbers… Whoooop Whoop! Both deliveries are expected towards the end of next week so fingers crossed they arrive as expected… The garage was working on skeleton staff yesterday and its looking like Monday will be the same – however we are hoping that come Tuesday we will be back on track….

Friday 20th March – Stateside suppliers have told us that they will still deliver parts to us in the UK. We have placed large orders while we can… These are expected to be here next Friday.  We have added many stock parts on the order for our usual vehicles 47-59 Chevy trucks, along with some more 1969-1972 Chevy C10 parts… We are happy to take orders and post items while we can with Parcleforce who have also told us they aim to continue service as normal however, it may be slower than usual. Our workshop staff are still in this week and working on trucks to try and achieve the deadlines. Dave and Roxy are both well and in the shop organising and preparing… We are happy for you to still collect parts if you need to from our shop although we are asking that you stay away if you feel unwell or if you are unsure then call us and we can leave things outside for you no problem…

Wednesday 22nd April – Well we find ourselves in a further 3 weeks worth of lock down. Our scheduled reopening date will be May 11th 2020… Fingers crossed…! Parts orders are still going out and importing parts from the states seems to be all good at present. Onwards we roll with hope and ambition in our souls…

We have attached some pictures below of our fav shots so far….