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Death Valley

Where Trucks go to die… before the rebirth! Death Valley is our area of imported classic trucks that are dead to the normal world but destine for the afterlife with hell raising fun, neighbour annoying noises, tyre shredding power, trump loving brexit hating uneconomical thirst drinking bundle of awesomeness that gets your the naughty girls and a bad reputation… If you are in need of a project for yourself to carry out or you require us to build you something unbelievable then have a look at what we have below, give us a shout if you want to speak to our devilish team of style gurus to create you one hell of a truck.


From USA with Love…

We are always buying from the States vehicles of all kinds… these are some that we have bought and are on route from there to here… If you have any interest in these please do contact us

If there is nothing here to your liking and you would like us to find you a vehicle please give us your spec and we can assist you in sourcing it…!


Sold Vehicles